Where to eat out in Oman

Where to eat out in Oman

Oman offers the best dining experience with eateries spoilt for choice. Good choices of best eat outs in Oman range from expensive restaurants to cheap cafes sprinkled throughout the region. Your must eat food are popular Arabic shawarma (meat cooked on a spit and wrapped in flatbread with salad), delicious grills, and biryanis (flavored rice with meat). Traditional food greets you at all Omani signature restaurants. Omani cuisine includes a staple of rice, curry, cooked meat, and vegetables. The sweets menu includes yummy Luqaimat, Omani halwa, and Basbousa.

Looking for your own taste? Don't worry; you will get your choice cuisine from the best restaurants in Oman. Continental, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Lebanese and Iranian cuisines are available across most cities and towns in Oman.

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