When in Oman do What Omanis do!

Observe and follow etiquette particularly while in a Middle East country. Though the Omani social conventions are not rigid, it is always better not to jump the tiny barrier.


  • Dress modestly in public

  • Be polite to local people

  • Speak less loudly

  • Respect prayer times

  • Ask permission before taking photographs

  • Respect prayer times

  • Refrain from using swear words


  • Wearing low-cut tops, short skirts, or vests

  • Wearing shorts above knees and sleeveless shirts

  • Public displays of affection

  • Consuming food and drink publicly during Ramadan

  • Expressions of anger

  • Offensive hand gestures

  • Drinking alcohol or consuming drugs

Did you know? Glimpse of Oman

Queen Sheba's Palace was unearthed at the ancient city of Sumharam in Salalah. It was first excavated in 1952 by American archaeologist Wendell Phillips.

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